The Last Oath

Episode 1: Prologue. (The Timeless Tower)

The investigators awoke without any strict guidance. Which was strange considering how regimented their training had become for all those months. After speaking with Lorndor and Galanir, it was discovered that this was to be a special day.

Summoned to the Warroom, the team were given their first assignment. Sort of a test run: a new, low-level criminal was operating in the city now. Molly Celebration. Her operations were starting to effect Draydaas' plans. He commands the team to go out and stop her. He leaves her fate up to them…but just remember their Oath.

The team found Molly and her charmed goons robbing a local apothecary. They swooped in and slaughtered her minions but not before accidently revealing their Vampiric bloodline! Somehoe, she escaped with her life.

Draydaas was furious and ordered them away.

The next night he had a real mission for them. The Smelting District is suffering from a plague. This is an unforeseen obstacle to Draydaas' plans. Even more troublesome is that the elder Vampire does not believe it to be entirely natural. If this is the case, he would be even more alarmed someone of that power is operating in the city without his knowledge.

Their mission is to go to the slums of the Smelting District and uncover just exactly what is going on down there. And if possible, to stop it. Failing Draydaas a second time is not something the Investigators want to suffer…



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